Monthly Archives: June 2017

Recently someone asked me for a favorite quote for business and my response was swift.

“There’s always one more thing you can do to influence any situation in your favor — and after that one more thing, and after that….”
— Lieutenant General Hal Moore

In the best or the worst of situations we can choose to focus not on our circumstances but on an unrelenting drive for improvement and action. In good times, we don’t need to sit back and admire our successes — we can continue to learn and grow. In dark times, we can recognize that there is always some additional step that we can take so that, inch by inch, we may move out of dire situations.

image of Lieutenant General Hal Moore at la Drang, leadership in dark times

Lieutenant General Hal Moore at la Drang

Lieutenant General Hal Moore had a long and distinguished career of service in the US Army. He was most noted for his military prowess in the Vietnam War, particularly in the Battle of la Drang, about which the movie We Were Soldiers Once was filmed. In that brutal and seemingly hopeless battle, Moore led 450 soldiers to an improbable victory over 2,000 Vietnamese troops.

Moore’s quote reminds me that, though some things are beyond our control in both the worst and best of times, at least some actions and decisions are in our own hands. We don’t need to feel powerless even in times of desperation — we only need to incrementally act, grow, and change, one step at a time.

What’s your favorite quote for business (and life)?