Hats Off to Mr. Holland

One of my favorite movies is Mr. Holland’s Opus – a classic about a dedicated teacher who has a passion for music. His secret dream is to compose and conduct his own symphony. For years he toils toward that achievement, but everyday life continually interrupts his efforts and his dream is eventually shelved.

The movie chronicles most of Mr. Holland’s adult life, the majority of it spent teaching young people while he shares his passion for music and tries to make a difference in their impressionable lives. Yet ironically, it is the continual demands of his teaching that constantly place his dream on hold.

Glenn Holland was committed to what he did, to what he loved and to his passion. His path was clear and defined and he walked it every day. Although his lifelong dream became a little less attainable each day, he accepted it because he was choosing to do the right thing. He committed himself to his students while his dream slipped out of reach.

If we have an accomplishment because we give it our full focus, commitment and faith, is it any less of an achievement than our dream?

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