Taking Dead Aim

I occasionally play a few rounds of golf and enjoy the game. One of the most critical concepts in golf is taking dead aim at the target. Done right, you let the target drive the physics of the swing. You don’t think about it, you just let it happen. You simply focus on seeing the target and driving toward it.

Naturally, to perfect the game you need to understand the basic techniques. You need to understand the rules of the game. Perhaps you read books on the subject or enlist the help of a professional coach. And then you practice, practice, practice.

We can translate this same concept into a business principle. Excelling at client service, recruiting and retaining talent, finding a better way to do things – all of these can be achieved once you focus on the target and take dead aim. Perfecting techniques, continual learning and practicing the skills all play a part in that success, but taking dead aim and driving toward your goal is the critical piece to making it happen.

What rules of sports do you apply to help you achieve your goals?

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