Measurable Appreciation

The accounting industry has long been ingrained with the notion of focusing on “the greatest return for the least expenditure.” We continually ask ourselves, “What service can I perform that will result in the greatest return on investment for my clients and my firm?”

In the culture building world, one component is easily identifiable in achieving the best ROI. It is called appreciation.

It takes but a minute of our busy day to compose an email, make a phone call or personally visit someone to say “Thank you” or “Keep sending us those great ideas”. This is such a simple way to promote mutual respect.

The “cost” in time compared to the benefit reaped is barely measurable. There is a huge reward for very little expenditure. If you’re looking for a “quick return” in corporate culture, expressing appreciation is one of the simplest ways to achieve it. An added bonus is that practicing the art of expressing appreciation oftentimes reminds us to be grateful. When we appreciate something, we realize what we have and we remember to be thankful for it.

Whom have you thanked today for his or her contribution?


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